Conor McGregor wants 7 fights in the next 18 months

McGregor, the former two-division champ has set some big goals for the next 18 months, one of which is he wants to fight a total of 7 times after sitting out the majority of 2020, he said to Stephen A. Smith on ESPN.

McGregor had entered 2020 with the mindset of completing a full ‘season’, and wiping out anyone the UFC put in-front of him before the year was out. He began the year successfully by KO’ing Donald Cerrone in January. But due to the worldwide pandemic, that was the last time we saw the superstar in 2020.

Now it’s a new year, a new McGregor, and new goals. Speaking to Stephen A. Smith, McGregor said “If they line me up, I’ll get about seven fights in the next year and a half. That’s what I want.”

He also went on to reveal that there’s only four fights left on his UFC contract, and said “I’d do it in the first quarter of 2021 if they give me the dates.”

McGregor has a clear desire to step into the octagon and fight, but being one of the worlds biggest superstars, this desire to fight so frequently was met with dispute from the UFC, and ultimately led to McGregors short retirement. “It was like, you know what, if you’re not gonna treat me with respect? I’m gone” McGregor said.

The pandemic meant that almost all of the years UFC events were behind closed doors, with only essential staff being permitted into the arena. Putting the UFC’s biggest superstar in an arena with no fans wouldn’t make logistical or financial sense, which led to the frustration between McGregor and the UFC.

But all that comes to an end this Saturday night on Fight Island when Conor McGregor returns to take on Dustin Poirier at UFC 257.

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