Michael Chiesa Dominates Neil Magny in UFC Fight Island 8 Main Event

Michael Chieasa deafeated Neil Magny this past weekend at UFC Fight Island 8, and he did so in spectacular fashion, with all the scorecards reading 49-46 in favour of Chiesa. This now puts Chiesa at an impressive 4-0 in the Welterweight division.

Chiesa stuck to his gameplan and took Magny to the ground each round, and once the fight hit the mat it was practically game over for Magny. Although he did have some success in the later rounds, but not enough to secure the win.

Unfortunately, Chiesa couldn’t pick up the finish he may have hoped for, but did acknowledge it wouldn’t be easy, “I knew he was going to push me to my limits” he said in the post fight interview. “Neil’s a super tough guy, all around good human being. I knew he was a good test for me. I knew if I couldn’t push through five rounds, I can’t even talk about being a champion.”

Chiesa has certainly made the Welterweight division his new home, with his winning streak now consisting of Carlos Condit, Diego Sanchez, Rafeal Dos Anjos and Neil Magny. Could a title shot be on the cards for the former lightweight?

Michael Chiesa went on to call out former Welterweight Interim Champion, Colby Covington, in his post fight interview. This is the second time that Chiesa has called out Covington, the first time after his win over Rafael Dos Anjos. “Colby Covington, your schtick is done. I want you next, boy”. During the post fight press conference, when asked why he wants Covington next, Chiesa said “because he’s the toughest matchup for me. Stylistically, that guy should beat me on any given Sunday. From a physical standpoint, from a mental warfare standpoint, there’s not a lot of boxes you can check that favor me for that fight.”

Covington is currently ranked as the number 1 contender in the Welterweight division, and a win over the former interim champ would definitely put Chiesa into the mix for a shot at the 170 belt.

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